I have not been on here or blogged in a little while, so I thought I would check-in. The last two weeks have been still difficult but at the same time refreshing and encouraging!!! I am starting to realize and believe how great of a life I’m capable of living as long as I continue to work my program and stay off heroin. People have been telling me this forever but up until now it was something I didn’t think was possible for me. I was also reminded how dangerous and deadly using heroin and meth truly is. A very good friend of mine died on Tuesday because of her heroin addiction. It is so sad losing her, she was the person who introduced me to the girl of my dreams, she basically saved my life when I overdosed at her house, and was just an amazing caring friend. That could’ve so easily been me that died if I were still shooting up. I thank god everyday for re-entering my life and giving me the clarity to seek help and save my life. I just wish that everyone could get that gift. Sadly not everyone gets that miracle before they die. I am going to continue to grow my spirituality, stay clean, and have faith that my life will turn out the way I pray for.